rec.arts.sf.written jargon

Many of these are in the FAQ, but here's what various abbreviations mean or stand for

        AFAIK -- "As Far As I Know"
        AFAICT-- "As Far As I Can Tell"
        AFAL  -- "As Fast As Light"
        AIUI  -- "As I Understand It"
        AOL   -- A replacement for "Me too" - as posted by many AOL users
        ASB   -- "Alien Space Bats" a force that can create otherwise impossible situations
        ATL   -- "Alternate Time Line"
        BTW   -- "By the way"
        EFP   -- "Extruded Fantasy Product" (Goodkind, Eddings, etc)
        FTL   -- "Faster than light"
        FWIW  -- "For What It's Worth"
        FYI   -- "For your information"
        IIRC  -- "If I Recall (remember) correctly"
        IMAO  -- "In my arrogant opinion"
        IMHO  -- "In my humble opinion"
        ISBN  -- "International Standard Book Number"
        ISTR  -- "I Seem To Recall"
        ObSF  -- "Obligatory SF reference"
        OTL   -- "Our Time Line"
        RASF  -- "rec.arts.sf"
        ROFL  -- "Rolling on the floor, laughing"
        ROTF  -- "Rolling on the floor"
        RPG   -- "Role playing games", like D&D (Dungeons and Dragons)
        RSN   -- "Real Soon Now" (== within the next decade or two)
        STL   -- "Slower Than Light"
        WI    -- "What If"
        WRT   -- "with respect to"
        WSOD  -- "Willing Suspension of Disbelief"
        YASID -- "Yet Another Story ID" request
        YMMV  -- "your mileage may vary"

        midlist-- Authors who don't make bestseller lists but put out
                  a steady stream of readable books over time
        The Six Deadly Words -- I Don't Care About These People
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