Available New Heinlein hardcovers

These are the available (or soon to be available) new RAH hardcovers
I know of.  If you've heard of anything else forthcoming, please
pass along the info and I'll add it to this list. If I've missed any,
let me know.

_For Us, The Living_ Scribner ($25) ISBN 074325998X
    Lost early novel. Due out January 2004

_Expanded Universe_ Baen ($22) ISBN 0-7434-7159-8
    Essays and short stories originally collected in 1980.
    New hardcover came out October 2003 and is still easy to find.

_Beyond this Horizon_ Baen ($17) ISBN 0-671-31836-5
    I'll be honest, I've hated all the Baen covers from the 1990's,
    but this one is the least offensive. Still has his name in
    a weird font, but hey.  Again nicely typeset, OK boards.
    Hardcover came out Sep 2002 and is still easy to find.

_The Fantasies of Robert A. Heinlein_ Tor ($28) ISBN 0-312-87245-3
    combines _Waldo & Magic_ with the hard-to-find Hoag (or 6XH)
    Attractive cover photo-illustration, nice boards.
    typeface. Hardcover came out in 1999 but is still easy to find.

_Podkayne of Mars_ Robert Hale (L5.99) 0-7090-7139-6
    From Locus: "Reprint (Putnam 1963) young-adult SF novel.
    Copyrighted 1963, 2003, although it seems to be the 1963 text."
    Doesn't she look a little older than she should in the cover illus?

_Rocket Ship Galileo_ G K Hall ($28) ISBN 0786248580
    Haven't seen this one yet (anybody have opinions on it?)
    FYI, it's not listed on the publisher Gale's website anymore.

From the SFBC (must be a member) you can get these hardcovers
  _Friday_ ($12) SFBC#536458
  _Stranger in the Strange Land_ ($12) SFBC#176974
  _Moon is a harsh Mistress_ ($10) SFBC#147975
  _Time Enough for Love_ ($11) SFBC#394239
  _Past Through Tomorrow_ ($16) SFBC#001966
  _Door Into Summer_ ($10) SFBC#558031
  _Infinite Possibilities_ ($15) SFBC#572511
      omnibus including _Time for the Stars_, _Tunnel in the Sky_ and
      _Citizen of the Galaxy_

Recently Out of Print:
  _Orphans of the Sky_ Stealth Press (they went out of business Jun 2003)

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