Double Star by Robert A. Heinlein

I used to love Heinlein when I was a kid, but I hadn't read anything
for about 20 years... then a great thread showed up on rec.arts.sf.written
going through all his novels and Double Star stood out so I gave it a shot.

It takes place in a future House of Orange empire, based on the moon
with kingdoms on many planets and moons throughout Sol's system. There
are highly trained pilots who navigate between lands shipping, transporting,
and of course smuggling.

Our story concerns a down-on-his luck actor, or should I say "ACTOR"
who is essentially forced into doing an impersonation.  He does it
well and maybe saves the empire. It's a great story of a grand egoist
learning to do something for the people besides giving them their
money's worth.

I liked the way Heinlein was able to do a quick info-dump on lassaiz-faire
principles and have it fit perfectly into the story.  Well developed
plot and great characters.  Only one mention of spanking :)

I'll be back for more soon

%A Heinlein, Robert A.
%T Double Star
%I Signet
%D 1956, 14th printing
%P 128 pp.
%O mass market paperback, US$1.25 | atlanta | pkd | fusion | recipes | email