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Subject: Re: [PKD] TTOTA: Ch 1-2
Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2002 20:48:19 -0700

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> --- Rose Kaplin  wrote:
> > 1980 (Presidential elections are held every four years, and the next one
> > be in 2004).  November... the first Tuesday of Nomember is
> > Election Day, but "Primaries" are held at other times; however, you must
be a
> > member of the party in question in order to vote in its primary.
> Minor correction: primary voting procedure differs from state to state.
> have "open primaries," meaning Dems can vote in the Repub and vice versa.
> (Washington state is one of these.)
Minor correction: the relatively new "open primaries" in your new home state
of California aren't that straightforward, Cal.  After legal challenges and
court decisions I think it basically works out that each party can decide
whether some or all voters not members of the party can vote in the primary
election for that party's candidates primary election candidates.

FYI for those unfamiliar with US election procedures, "primary" elections
are roughly "first round" ones that decide which candidates for partisan
offices will be the candidates of their party in the general election where
all voters choose which of the legally qualified candidates for an office
will be elected.  This greatly oversimplifies *many* things but the
seriously interested can research such matters in authoritative sources.
The most notable exception in California being that any initiative or
referendum on the "primary" election ballot is decided at that election.

David  K