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Date: Thu, 30 May 2002 00:03:33 +0100
Subject: Re: [PKD] TTOTA: Ch 3-4

> Pike wrote a great number of works, about half seem to be on legal
> matters, the others either on theology or pastoral issues. 

I don't have my copy of the Other side with me but I seem to recall 
it would have lots of incidents about contacting Jim to connect with 
TTA. It's rather coy on the role of Maren his mistress, I guess for 
obvious reasons: she is just someone who: “had, on occasions, helped 
me as an editorial assistant when I was trying to meet deadlines on 
manuscripts” (Other Side  1975 edn: 69)

While we're at it:

[T]he Episcopal Bishop of the Diocese of California, James Pike, had 
been arranging to have jazz masses performed at Grace Cathedral.  . . 
. A former lawyer, active in the ACLU, one of the most brilliant and 
radical clerical figures of his time, he had become involved in what 
had become called “social action,” the issues of the day: in 
particular Negro rights.  He had for instance been at Selma with Dr. 
Martin Luther King

(CCounter Clock World.  4: 42).

“In the first century C.E. she [the Sibyl of Cumae] foresaw the 
murders of the Kennedy brothers, Dr. King and Bishop Pike.  . . . 
they stood in defense of the liberties of the Republic; . . . each 
man was a religious leader”

 (VALIS, Appendix)

Fat had known [Bishop] Jim Pike, a fact he always proudly narrated to 
people given a pretext.  . . . “Jim and his wife had driven out onto 
the Dead Sea Desert in a Ford Cortina.  They had two bottles of coca 
cola with them; that’s all.”
	. . . For years Fat had brooded about Jim Pike’s death.  He imagined 
that it was somehow tied in with the murders of the Kennedys and Dr. 
King, but he had no evidence whatsoever for it

(V.  5: 76).

"What I could never figure out," Fat said, "is why they never drank 
the water in the car radiator.  That is what you do when your car 
breaks down in the desert and you're stranded."
	. . . "Maybe they had anti-freeze in their radiator," Sherri said.
"In the Dead Sea Desert?"(V.  5: 76).

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