From: "Andrew M Butler" 
Date: Sat, 25 May 2002 12:17:52 +0100
Subject: Re: [PKD] TTOTA: Ch 3-4

> > (Galbreath, Robert (1983) 'Redemption and Doubt in
> > Philip K. Dick. Valis Trilogy', {iExtrapolation} 24: 105- 115 at p.
> > 114)
> D'you think you cold send me a photocopy of that article?

I'm not sure my Extraopolations go back that far but I'll double 
check and photocopy if they do. 

(there's another Galbreath piece Galbreath, Robert 'Salvation-
Knowledge: Ironic Gnosticism in {iVALIS} and {iThe Flight to 
Lucifer}', in Gary K. Wolfe (ed.) (1982) {iScience-Fiction 
Dialogues}, Chicago: Academy Chicago: 115-32, which I know I don't 

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