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> > Are these documents a fantasy or what ?
>I wonder if the Zadokites are real,

The Zadokite Scrolls:  A footnote in _In Search of Valis: Selections from
the Exegesis_ states that "These are a fictional creation by PKD". pp 225 HB
According to some different plot outlines in ISOV, the scrolls were found in
the Dead Sea area by Catholic archaeologists and predated xtianity.  The
group was obviously Jewish, as there were no actual xtians for decades.
These scrolls convinced Timothy Archer that there was no historic Jesus, and
led to him being tried on charges of heresy. He was also planning on
converting to Judaism.

> but they might be based on the Essene group.

It would seem that the Essenes were based on the Zadokites, as the scrolls
dated 200 BCE, and the other branches of Judaism, the Pharisees, Sadducees,
Herodians, Christians, and Zealots mostly came into existence during the
Roman domination of
Palestine (63 BCE to 640 CE).