From: Joe Morris 
Subject: [PKD] TTOTA: Ch 3-4
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Date: Mon, 20 May 2002 22:45:00 -0400 (EDT)

Lots of turmoil! Here's the Cliff's Notes special
BTW, I'm using the Vintage edition

A long day-trip with the bishop's new mistress really shakes Angel up.
By the time she ditches her old friend Kirsten in San Francisco she's
determined to confront Bishop Archer with his obvious stupidity.
She admires the man greatly, and talking to his son doesn't help
much and gets even more out of control.

When Angel goes to his office, he's able to use his expert legalize
to twist folly into not even an indiscretion. This is quickly followed
by Kirsten & Timothy traveling to England to research the Zadokite
documents. They're followed by son Jeff who returns after a week
and soon after commits suicide.

Out of order, but first, the way Dick handles the suicide in such
an off hand (in the past) way reminds me alot of the classic
Raymond Chandler based films from the 1940's: I can almost
hear Bogart's narration

   "For one week Jeff joined them in England, and regarding that week I
   know little: Jeff came back mute and withdrawn, and that was when he
   headed for the hotel room in which he shot himself in the face one
   late night. I am not going to go into my feelings about that as a
   way of killing yourself. It did bring the bishop back from London
   within a matter of hours, which in a certain sense, the suicide was
   all about."

Nice discussion of the early church and "The Way" and it's always
nice to see how many ways Paul can be bent to your own purposes.
I thought the dialogue in San Fran was particularly stirring but
the argument when Angel gets back home didn't seem all-together real.

Loved when Howard the Duck shows up while others are arguing about
the linchpin of the 30 years war! Classic. And a nice cliff-hanger
with the documents possibly dating to 200 years before Christ.

Good quote
Ch 3 (p. 39) since everybody's so close in this saga
"All of the curses of family, I thought, and none of the blessings"

Ch 3 (p. 42) everyone queeged out on me
Never heard this before -- any ideas? Flaked out?

p.47: zadiqah (state of righteousness) I haven't run across this before

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