Date: Mon, 13 May 2002 20:55:27 -0700 (PDT)
From: "W. Stephen Lewis" 
Subject: Re: [PKD] TTOTA: Ch 1-2

--- Joe Morris  wrote:
> Chapter 1 begins with Angel Archer attending a
> radio-mystic/philosopher's
> talk in the bay area. 

Angel passes on the sandwiches for now. I didn't
remember the sandwiches being mentioned this early
when I read this before.
The perfect California quote:
"In California you buy enlightenment the way you buy
peas at the supermarket, by size and weight."

> The writing is clean and moves quickly. You can
> easily pick up contours
> of personality for all the characters. These are
> real people.

Bishop Pike and his mistress, Alan Watts, these people
are real. They are even more real after pkd has
adjusted them for fiction.

> > 
> What did I miss?

Barefoot quotes Arthur Koestler in CH1 and Archer
quotes Alfred North Whitehead in CH2. Are these
references appropriate? Or are these guys full of it.

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