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This from the official Episcopal site

Q. How is the Church described in the creeds?
A. The Church is described as one, holy, catholic, and apostolic.

Q. Why is the Church described as one?
A. The Church is one, because it is one Body, under one Head, our Lord Jesus

Q. Why is the Church described as holy?
A. The Church is holy, because the Holy Spirit dwells in it, consecrates its
members, and guides them to do God's work.

Q. Why is the Church described as catholic?
A. The Church is catholic, because it proclaims the whole Faith to all
people, to the end of time.

Q. Why is the Church described as apostolic?
A. The Church is apostolic, because it continues in the teaching and
fellowship of the apostles and is sent to carry out Christ's mission to all

So far it sounds pretty garden variety Christianity.

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> Il giorno 13 May 2002 alle 10:32, Joe Morris si trovò a scrivere
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> >  Is the Episcopal Church a "catholic church" as the Bishop says?
> I know it's the US branch of the Church of England. You have bishops,
eucharisty and also crucifixes.
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