Date: Mon, 13 May 2002 09:45:07 -0700 (PDT)
From: Carey Wilson 
Subject: Re: [PKD] TTOTA: Ch 1-2

--- Joe Morris  wrote:
> Chapter 1 begins with Angel Archer attending a radio-mystic/philosopher's
> talk in the bay area.

Loosely based on Alan Watts, substituting Barefoot's Sufism for Watts' Zen Buddhism. Perhaps a
commentary by Phil on the inner cohesion of the two.

> Chapter 2 dives in with the crux of the story: her relationship to
> Bishop Archer and his son, Jeff.  It begins with a response letter
> to someone who's written an inaccurate eulogy to the Bishop
> where we get quite a bit of back-story.  Then on to a flashback
> of the dinner party where he's introduced to his mistress by Angel.

Thinking about the name Angel Archer in pictorial terms, it's almost impossible not to summon up
an image of Cupid, amoral harbriger of "love" whose matches also had a tendency to go awry despite
the accuracy of his arrows, which were sometimes delivered with deliberate mischief in mind.

> Funny as hell with a couple different levels of dialogue.

I love the way Phil plays with the literary allusion and conversational pretension of the Berkeley
intellectuals while simultaneously illustrating that genuinely valid personal insights can be
gained by filtering one's life experiences through insights gained by the study of literature and

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