Subject: RE: [PKD] Reading Group - Transmigration of Timothy Archer
Date: Wed, 8 May 2002 20:47:17 +0200 

Start reading TToTA. It is not necessary to know VALIS and DIVINE INVASION
to understand and relish TToTA. There is no plot nexus whatsoever. -- Andre
PS: I will take part in the reading group -- but now from California and not
Cologne as usual. As my company now sends me to San Mateo, Calif. (going
Saturday for three weeks to Keynote Systems), I would like to ask the
venerable list members for places of Dickian interest there. Also for places
for plain human interest ;-)

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Subject: R: [PKD] Reading Group - Transmigration of Timothy Archer

I don't ask nothing better. Just a question . I've started today to read
Valis : should I read the first two books of the trilogy as faster as I can
or I can start with TTOTA ?