From: "laura" 
Subject: Re: [PKD] Reading Group - Transmigration of Timothy Archer
Date: Tue, 7 May 2002 16:39:18 -0500

I'll be there- TTOTA was one of the last never read books I finished 2 years
ago, Dr. Futurity and The Zap Gun were finally experienced last year.
TT...was a completely different read than PKD's other books, and not just
because it was written from a woman's perspective.  I think when we're
finished with the project, we ought to plan a group trip to gather some of
that elusive mushroom....


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Subject: Re: [PKD] Reading Group - Transmigration of Timothy Archer

> --- Joe Morris  wrote:
> > A whole bunch of threads in my life are converging on TTOTA
> > so I read the first few chapters last night and thought it
> > might be a good subject for a reading group.  Interested?
> >
> > How about 2 chapters a week and start talking about it on Monday?
> It's probbaly my favorite of PKD's novels. In a head-to-head competition
> VALIS, TTOTA wins due to its emotional effect on me. It is, in my view,
> most "heartfelt" novel. Additionally, I did a lot of research into Bishop
> a year or so ago, reading books written by himself and a variety of others
> about him. Not sure if it would offer much in the way of insight, but I'll
> out my notes and keep them next to me for the coming weeks.
> Which is all to say: Count me in.
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