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Thank you for visiting the home page for Fitness Record, an application for the PalmPilot. Fitness Record is designed to let you keep track of nutritional information and exercise by leveraging the convenience and portability of the PalmPilot.

Fitness Record was written by Eric Sink. It's a pet project which I work on during my copious free time. When Fitness Record was created, I referred to it as a product of my company, CSFactory. At that time, I was the only employee. Since then, CSFactory has grown to be a team of seven. Fitness Record remains a personal project of mine, and is not really indicative of the product directions for the company as a whole. I have therefore reworded things a little bit on this website, in an effort to be sure that responsibilities are well represented.

You are free to use Fitness Record without paying for it, as long as you agree to the License Agreement.

Latest News

27-Jan-1998 -- Source code released. After several months of hoping that I would find time to work on Fitness Record more, I've finally come to the conclusion that this program needs more time than I can give it. In addition, I've been waiting for 3Com to release a new conduit SDK so that I could build a desktop conduit. Unfortunately, that product is still not available.

However, Fitness Record has continued to be popular with many users. Although I have been unable to continue improving the product to meet the needs of those users, I do not want them to be completely abandoned.

So, I have decided to release the source code for Fitness Record so that other programmers can continue to work on the program if they wish to do so. The code is currently setup to build using Metrowerks CodeWarrior for PalmPilot, on Windows 95 or Windows NT. The zip archive containing the code, as well as the legal terms under which it may be used, is available here.

I may still continue to work on Fitness Record in the future. However, for the benefit of people who do use the program, I would like to create the opportunity for it to be improved faster than I do so on my own.

13-Nov-1997 -- Version 0.21 released. This version has the following changes:

  • The "Calories Left to Eat" bug has been fixed.
  • The program no longer crashes if you enter a metabolism value less than 1.

Be advised that the "Goal Weight" feature is still required to be entered in pounds, even if you've configured the options for kilograms.

23-Sep-1997 -- Notes:

  • At least one of the popular web browsers has a bug in it which downloads FITNESS.PRC incorrectly. If you try to download the file and you get FITNESS.EXE instead, it is because your browser incorrectly renamed the file. Rename it to FITNESS.PRC and proceed.
  • The "Calories Left to Eat" feature has a problem. It displays an incorrect number if your range has multiple days in it.
  • In the Options dialog, if you enter a metabolism value less than 1, the program will crash.
  • Yes, a new version will be coming, with bug fixes and new features. The author has been swamped with other projects for a while, but Fitness Record has not been forgotten. :-)

17-Jul-1997 -- Version 0.2 released. This version has the following changes:

  • The nasty Find bug has been fixed.
  • The display of records during a Find operation is more complete - it now displays the date, quantity and calories, as well as just the description.
  • The "Sorting..." message is in a bigger font.
  • There is an Option to use Kilograms for data entry and display. Data is still stored internally in pounds, so you can switch back and forth between metric and English if you like. I am not a metric user, so please let me know if this feature is working okay.
  • There is now an Option to set your goal in terms of the number of calories you want to deficit per day, rather than by behavioral weight only. This is reflected in the "Cals Left to Eat" item under the Totals page.

17-Jul-1997 -- ALERT: Version 0.11 has a bug. System Find causes a crash when Fitness Record is not running. It's not tragic, since no data will be lost. However, it's ugly. We'll post a fixed version asap. Although 0.11 remains the current version here on the site, 0.1 is still available.

14-Jul-1997 -- Version 0.11 released. This version fixes four minor problems:

  • The creator has been fixed, 'CSF1'
  • Fitness Record now displays a message while sorting
  • Find works now, for food records.
  • Fitness Record no longer allows you to scroll up when you're already at the top of the records display.

14-Jul-1997 -- Our apologies! The discussion forum is currently down, due to maintenance on our site. In addition, the maintenance caused a couple of other problems, which have been fixed.

8-Jul-1997 -- Fitness Record has been downloaded over 2,800 times since our initial release. We've received a tremendous amount of feedback, including many compliments and suggestions for improvements. We're delighted that Fitness Record has been so well received, and working on the 0.2 release. Please be advised that the discussion forum will be undergoing some changes. We've had a number of people using it, and with feedback from the users, we intend to rearrange things a bit. This will mean that the discussion forum may be down for a while. If you try to access it and find it unavailable, now you'll know why. :-)

18-Jun-1997 -- Wow! We received around 900 downloads in the first 24 hours (see the clip from StingerSoft, at right). However, no one has registered for the discussion forum yet. We want to verify that it works. Please try to register and post your opinions about Fitness Record. Let us know if you have problems using the discussion forum.

17-Jun-1997 -- This is the first public release of Fitness Record. The current version is 0.1. The program has been in active use for over six weeks, and it appears to be quite stable.

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The authors of Fitness Record are not certified health care professionals of any kind. You should consult your physician before attempting any weight management strategy.

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