Door 1.0

A root password storage system.

Written by Chris Riggins, this arrangement should allow you to securely store as many passwords as you need in an encrypted file, not easily accessible to the general public.

The re-created version was slightly modified to use the more power- ful "mcrypt" tools, rather than the system-standard "crypt" tools. The arrangement has proved quite useful for our growing list of machines. (Naturally, this system can store more than just root passwords).

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MIGHT REQUIRE: SUNWski package on Solaris 2.6 or Solaris 7. (Which will create a /dev/random). Preferrably run on Solaris 8, at least. Solaris 8 will require the /dev/random patch: 112396-02.

Install the following packages, easily available pre-compiled:

gcc (egcs-2.91.66) or greater
mhash-0.8.15 or greater
automake-1.6 or greater
glib-1.2.10 or greater

Then compile and install the following two packages, which need the above packages:

libmcrypt-2.5.3 or greater

This page last update April 18, 2003