Atlanta Police Signal Chart

01 stolen auto aban auto aban auto send rescue aban auto abandoned/stolen auto
02 silent alarm silent alarm silent alarm person down act alarm police alarm
03 audible alarm audible alarm audible alarm alarm adt alarm fire alarm
04 ambulance ambulance ambulance call ambulance ambulance
05 alarm reset kidnapping kidnapping cont burn break lights bomb threat
06 burglary burglary burglary reduce speed burg in house explosives located
07 burglar in store n/a burg in store ret to station burg in store explosion comp
08 court call station call home send call northside part-time job
09 admin pull-out call extention bomb threat cancl all equip call southside court
10 chiefs office n/a call director fire call chief training
11 city garage n/a at county shop under control call garage call m.e.
12 grady detention n/a at gas pump fire's out call home vin verification
13 traffic court un radio tfx call extention check location call detective trash dumping
14 shelter run littering call asst chief help needed call id threats
15 check on invalid admin detail req helicopter person trap call radio phone complaint
16 (g) rpt to pct n/a call jail arson suspctd cancel call civil papers
17 death/emer message k-9 request call radio hit & run switch to tac 2 warrants
18 radio shop stranded car call watch off counterfeit call radio shop MDT
19 detention swat call out call captain peeping tom call mag n smoke door
20 call indicated number animal call swat call out aircraft down call mag s animal complaint
21 kidnapping/hostage n/a littering disorderly ?uv call wrecker vicious animal
22 against dept policy n/a call clay gen demented pers vandalism area check
23 disorderly person disorderly disorderly dis firearms disorderly juvenile complnt
24 demented person demented pers demented pers dis fireworks demented pers demented pers
25 shots fired shots fired shots fired animal comp shots fired shots fired
26 discharging fireworks dis fireworks dis fireworks drunk dis fireworks dis fireworks
27 lunch break n/a dogs barking fight dogs barking homicide
28 drunk person drunk person drunk person narc violation drunk person drunk person
29 fight fight fight aban auto fight fight
30 dui dui dui esc prisoner dui dui
31 electric wires down wires down wires down flim flam wires down wires down
32 inv open window door esc prisoner esc prisoner solicitors esc prisoner esc prisoner
33 fire fire fire gambling fire fire
34 gambling gambling inv stolen auto vandalism gambling gambling
35 criminal tresspass rpt to hq rpt to hq property cm go to driveway rpt to hq
36 holdup in progress n/a holdup in prog illegal pkg holdup in prog hazmat incident
37 illegal pkg illegal pkg illegal pkg thrtng calls illegal pkg illegal pkg
38 illegal drugs illegal drugs alcohol ciol misc request illegal drugs illegal drugs
39 information information information hitchiker information information
40 investigate kill animal threats inv/kill animal troub unk. inv/kill animal assault
41 auto accident auto accident auto accident auto accident auto accident auto accident
42 burglary burglary burglary burglary burglary burglary
43 hit & run accident hit & run hit & run fireman inj hit & run hit & run
44 armed robbery armed robbery armed robbery armed robbery armed robbery armed robbery
45 theft by taking theft theft theft larceny theft
46 pedstrian accident ped accident ped accident call hospital ped accident ped accident
47 person injured n/a person injured ped accident person injured drowning
48 person dead person dead person dead drowning person dead person dead
49 sexual assault rape rape person dead rape rape
50 person shot person shot person shot person shot person shot person shot
51 person stabbed person stab person stab person stab person stab person stab
52 stolen goods property fnd stolen goods suicide stolen goods reserved
53 suicide suicide suicide susp person suicide suicide
54 suspicious person suspicious suspicious susp auto suspicious suspicious
55 trouble unknown trouble unkn trouble unkn missing person trouble unkn trouble unkn
56 missing person missing person missing person loud music missing person missing person
57 loud music loud music loud music shop lifter loud music loud music
58 domestic n/a domestic murder domestic abduction
59 meet with meet with meet with meet with meet with meet with
60 molesting children n/a molestor littering molestor crime agnst child
61 help call money trans money trans gas leak money trans escort
62 swithc radio zone police ems call o.b. call flooding o.b. call o.b. call
63 officer needs help off needs help off needs help off needs help off needs help off needs help
64 soliciting ordnc violatn soliciting refuse to lv panhandling prop found
65 psh or pba hold up alarm disturbance neighbor disp pba or pha soliciting
66 peeping tom n/a peeping tom child abuse peeping tom peeping tom
67 hold radio traffic n/a person down rape person down person down
68 person screaming pers screaming pers screaming robbery pers screaming pers screaming
69 person armed with armed with armed with armed with armed with armed with
70 prowler prowler prowler prowler prowler prowler
71 public indecency public indec public indec reckless drivr public indec public indec
72 reckless driver reckless drivr reckless drivr property lost reckless drivr reckless drivr
73 bomb threat rush call rush call theft of auto rush call collapse
74 vandalism open container start wnd unit person lotd liquor violtn open con
75 air rifles n/a air rifles street hazard air rifles air rifles
76 abondoned children n/a sick call fraud sick call assist person
77 snatch thief robbery snatch thief kidnapping snatch thief aircraft down
78 lookout/description description description atmpt locate description description
79 stealing auto n/a stealing auto work traffic stealing auto train derailment
80 gas leak n/a stray animals assist motorist stray animals chase in prog
81 street hazard/stall street hazard street hazard trespassing street hazard street hazard
82 wagon call wagon call wagon call person found wagon call wagon call
83 person located person loctd person loctd relieve officer person loctd person loctd
84 work traffic work traffic work traffic train wreck work traffic work traffic
85 wrecker wrecker wrecker check location wrecker wrecker
86 id unit n/a domestic wires down bomb threat domestic
87 admin service div n/a vandalism domestic pull out contact message
88 commissioner's office damaged prop follow up bomb threat call dui t.f. damaged property
89 directed patrol bomb threat prop check public indec bomb threat wash down
90 threatening calls plane crash plane crash zone patrol n/a swat call
91 n/a civil disorder n/a disturbance n/a 911 contact
92 n/a n/a n/a assault n/a gas leak
93 n/a n/a n/a found prop n/a n/a
94 n/a n/a n/a hostage n/a loitering
95 n/a n/a n/a open window n/a req to eat
96 n/a n/a n/a assist invalid n/a stranded motorist
97 n/a n/a n/a emer message n/a fraud
98 n/a n/a n/a obscene mat n/a forgery
99 n/a n/a n/a arrest n/a request case number

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