Monthly Parking in Downtown Atlanta

This list is way out of date! Just here for historical reference!! Here's a more up-to-date list

So, you've decided you want to drive to work downtown everyday. If you're anywhere near a Marta train station, you can save alot of wear-and-tear on your car, your morning and your nerves by just getting a monthly transit pass. But, if you insist, there are a number of places to park downtown and most of them offer some kind of monthly rate.

Actually, Atlanta has pretty low rates for a major city. An outfit called Colliers International does a nationwide rate survey. The results for 2002 listed for Atlanta monthly unreserved ($75 - $125) and monthly reserved ($125 - $175) with 10% of the lots having waiting lists. For comparison, midtown NYC could run you $650 and in Pittsburgh 100% of the lots have waiting lists.

Centennial Tower deck: $110

Adjacent to Centennial Tower

123 Marietta St: $80

Shares a forties-era structure with Just Around the Corner at Spring St. Run by Impark (lot #3) webpage

Philips Deck: $85 (waiting list)

South of Marietta St, between Techwood & Spring. Run by Central Parking Systems. webpage

Cone St: $85

Southwest corner of Cone & Poplar. Run by Allright Parking

79 Marietta St: $80

Marietta & Cone (the one with the back end of cars hanging out) Run by AAA Parking. webpage

Luckie: $75

Southeast corner of Luckie and Cone Run by Interpark.

Being rebuilt in 2003: 104 Marietta St: $70

Part of the old Federal Reserve building Run by AAA Parking.

108 Spring St

Surface lot by the Tabernacle. Run by Impark (lot #6) webpage

98 Cone St

The six story deck north of Centennial Tower's deck dates from the 1940's and features actual windows instead of being open to the elements. Run by Impark (lot #5) webpage

76 Forsyth St

Run by Impark (lot #2) webpage

106 International

Surface lot across from the old Greyhound station. Run by Impark (lot #11) webpage

15 International

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