Mead Factory


In November 2001, the Mead plant closed down and the company began seeking plans to develop this 21 acre site on the border separating a trendy neighborhood (Inman Park) and a distressed area (old forth ward). Twenty or so plans were presented to IPNA and Mead and the winning plan has been mulled over many times by immediate neighbors, politicians and business owners and should add a thousand residents (to Inman Park's current 1,400), a dozen retail/restaurant spaces and a small office building.


The plan calls for a lake (on Lake Ave!) to help with bad drainage issues on Elizabeth; separated drainage and sewage which can be integrated to a future city of Atlanta system; another connection between Highland and Lake which will link up with Hale. Building will include a block of single family homes to mirror the south side of Lake, with on-street parking to help calm traffic on this busy corridor; an apartment building near the tracks (future light-rail, PATH) to be operated by the developers; a condo building and retail to face Highland Ave; and town-homes that run along the spine of the development. The original Mead office building will be retained for small office leases.


The developers were originally slated to close on the property in October 2002 but that has been pushed back to first quarter 2003 with the house lots along Lake to be sold and improved immediately. | atlanta | pkd | solarsystem | recipes | email