This week in Atlanta Restaurants

Tue Feb 19 10:44:08 EST 2002

As seen on atl.general or atl.general(google)

The Food Business in Decatur's square is no more.  Replaced by the
similarly generic "Bistros" which isn't open yet. Why do people name
their restaurants like this?

Also in Decatur a new Taco Mac has opened between the old and new locations
of Crescent Moon.  It's decked out in wall-to-wall paneling, a bunch of TVs,
and 92 taps.  Good beer selection but still no Fat Tire or Old Thumper....
come on somebody needs to carry these two!

Speaking of Taco Mac, the old one on Roswell Road in Sandy Springs has
successfully transformed into Summits.  Still extremely smoky and they
still have great wings but they've added a few menu items: burritos(?!)
and steak are the only two I can remember.... I'm trying to finish
up my passport club membership (100 different draft beers) so memory
not so good this week.

The diner in the Muses building downtown closed -- they got one bad
review in the Loaf and close two weeks later!  Too bad, they made
a good patty-melt.

The eternally "Coming Soon" Piccalo's Deli on Alabama finally opened
above the Underground.  Ultra-diner, Just Around the Corner, at
Marietta & Spring is now open for breakfast 7:30 - 10am.

Krispy Kreme on Ponce has HOT DONUTS NOW. What are you waiting for?

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